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Big is Beautiful

Since 1985 Maison Gulliver proposes quality garments to large & tall men. Why should one be deprived from acquiring fashion articles based on physical aspect ? With us you’ll overcome such frustrations. Gulliver allows everyone who faces such insatisfaction, irrespective of size or weight, to dress at will. Our store is both modern and classic at the same time.

Maison Gulliver is the exclusive reseller of Paul & Shark ( size XXL to 6XL ) and Polo Ralph Lauren in our Brussels store. We also present a very comprehensive range of jackets, costumes and exclusively tailor-made trousers with a cut that will not only fit all but be as comfortable as one expects. As soon as you have visited our store you’ll understand that your overweight or exclusive size will no longer be a handicap when it comes to dress up. Our daily challenge is to reconcile the elegance of dressing up with large and tall men……